If you’re a Charlotte area homeowner looking to add a unique touch to your property through decorative concrete, it’s essential that you work with a professional. But how do you go about hiring an expert concrete contractor in Ballantyne, NC? As one of the most trusted decorative concrete contractors in Charlotte, NC, GW Brockelbank Concrete Contractors is here to help. Here’s our advice for finding the best crew for the most beautiful results:

  • Do your research: Look for concrete contractors in Ballantyne, NC (like us) who offer a wide variety of decorative concrete services. Moreover, make note of businesses with an extensive background in the industry. Pay particular attention to the specific services you need, such as concrete driveways, concrete patios, or concrete staining. The more experience a contractor has with the service you need, the better quality of work they’ll provide.
  • Ask about licensing and training: In addition to experience, you need to make sure the contractor has all the proper permits and licenses required by your state or city. Only work with companies who have the required credentials. Also look for someone who’s completed training through industry organizations like the American Concrete Institute (ACI). All of these things are signs that your concrete project will be in the hands of professionals.
  • Ask questions about your particular project: Next, call each concrete contractor you’re considering. Prepare a list of questions about project estimates and what you want to have done at your home or business. Notice how they respond to your questions. True professionals will listen carefully and provide thorough answers.
  • Get references and read reviews: Finally, ask the company if they’ll provide you with a list of references. You’ll want to hear from past customers before you decide to hire them. Also take time to look at online reviews or talk with locals. Your goal is to get a good idea of how a concrete contractor performs before you sign on the dotted line.

When you need an experienced and dedicated concrete contractor in Ballantyne, NC, call on us. You can rely on GW Brockelbank Concrete Contractors for top-notch decorative concrete services for your Charlotte area property.