Decorative concrete additions like patios are great features for your home. But before you hire decorative concrete contractors in Charlotte, NC to do the work for you, you’ll need to get an estimate for the job. What should be included in a concrete service quote? Here are a few general guidelines from GW Brockelbank Concrete Contractors.

  • Material and delivery costs – A concrete estimate should always include the costs for all the materials needed for the project. The amount needed will vary depending on the size and scope of the concrete project. The quote will also include costs for material delivery from the plant to your home or business.
  • Costs for prepping the work site – Your quote should also include preparation costs. Decorative concrete contractors require prep time to do the job right. This preparation allows them to get the area ready for the concrete before it’s poured. This process takes care and attentiveness but is vital for a beautiful, long-lasting result.
  • Labor costs – Finally, your estimate will include the costs associated with your contractor’s labor. Again, the size of your project will affect the size of the crew needed to complete the job.
  • Timeline – Anticipated starting and ending dates should always be included in your estimate. These dates may vary, of course, based on scheduling and weather.

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